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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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About us

Maine Cater was founded in December, 2017 by Daryle Degen after noticing the increasing demand from restaurants to find quality staff and the struggles candidates faced when trying to navigate their way to the perfect job. After years of experience working as an executive chef for relief chef agencies in the UK, Daryle decided to test the concept in Maine. It didn't take long to realize this type of service was badly needed and the rest is history. Daryle isn't one to sit behind the desk, he's often out working alongside the 86'Relief Team and networking with Maine's restaurateurs.

Dedicated to you

Candidates will be treated like family, and clients will get a personal, attentive service. Our small team means you won’t be handed around from person to person – you’ll get to know one recruiter and continue to work with them, until we achieve the best outcome for everyone involved.

Undivided attention

As a candidate, you’ll be given our undivided attention when it comes to first understanding what it is that you’re after, before finding the role that you were meant for. In this industry, we spend more time with our co-workers than our family and friends, so getting it right is our top priority.

At your service

As a client, you’ll work closely with a member of our team who will gain an insight in to exactly what you need in a candidate for your business. We’re not looking to fill a role with someone who’s not right for the job, we strive to find candidates a role they’ll stick with and grow in.

Results driven

We get asked about our stats a lot, so here's some of them...
We launched our job board in December of 2017 and created the 86'Relief Team and Direct-Hire services in May of 2018. These stats are accurate as of December 2018.


86'Relief Chefs on our team


Completed assignments




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