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We only specialize in Maine's hospitality industry, connecting the right people, to the perfect job.

Our company was created by seasoned chefs with years of experience in the industry so we're not some pencil pushers, we're go-getters. It doesn't matter if you're a candidate or employer, we work for you. 

Want to know what's kinda cool? We have our own team of chefs - our 86'Relief Team. If you're looking to join some of the best in Maine or want to know more about using our 86'Relief Service check it out under the candidate or employer tabs.


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Browse and apply to listings with confidence as we check and verify all employers and job details before they go live. You will always know the company posting the ad and exactly what the job entails. 
Secret positions
Sometimes our clients ask for private referals when it comes to management positions so we don't usually list these on our site. Let us know what you're looking for and we might just have it.
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Add job alerts so you're always notified of new positions listed on our site. If a job tickled your fancy but you're pressed on time to apply, bookmark it in your candidate dashboard to apply at a later date. 

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